5 Cutting-edge technologies at FIFA World Cup 2022

From AI assistive offside detection to assistance for Visually Impaired fans, here’s what is in store for the tech-driven FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Technology has become integral part of our life and it is not surprising to see that new innovations and technological advancements are introduced every time, especially in events like FIFA World Cup. Back in 2010, when Qatar was selected to host the 2022 World Cup, the region started building its Vision 2020–23 to outline FIFA’s commitment to using technology in football.

The idea is to leverage different types of technologies to improve the game experience for fans on and off the field. Some of these technologies include-AI assistive offsite detection, assistive technology for visually-impaired fans, stadium cooling technology, and the ball itself has sensors to detect peak game speeds.

Here are a few technological developments that one needs to keep an eye out for in Qatar World Cup 2022:

A concern that FIFA tackled early on was the harsh environmental conditions of Qatar. To go about this, seven of the eight stadiums hosting the Qatar World Cup 2022 would feature advanced cooling technology to keep the atmosphere inside the stadium cool. An energy centre near the stadium would push chilled water in a pipeline connected to the venue, which would be converted into the cold air and pushed onto the field of play and spectator seating areas.

The 14th successive football developed by Adidas — named Al Rihla is equipped with Adidas Suspension System. It has a sensor inside the ball that can detect peak game speeds. FIFA has claimed that the ball travels faster in flight than any ball in the tournament’s history.

Additionally, Adidas’ suspension system would make it possible to detect the kick point with incredible precision. Al Rihla, which in Arabic means “the journey,” is influenced by Qatari culture, architecture, iconic boats, and the Qatar flag.

The semi-automated offside technology also has an element for the detection of offside incidents for the inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor placed inside the ball. The ball data will be sent to the video operation room over 500 times per second, giving a rather precise detection of the kick point.

FIFA has employed a new system to detect the position of the football and help referees make accurate, fast and reproducible offside decisions during the tournament

Every time the ball is sent to a player who is in an offside position, the system will automatically alert the Video Assistant Referee that, the player is offside with the help of 12 tracking cameras placed around the stadium and the Al Rihla ball with sensors. This will lessen the need for lengthy VAR replays to establish whether a player is offside or not.

The FIFA Player App developed by FIFA in collaboration with FIFPRO will be used for the first time in Qatar 2022. The app was developed in line with the FIFA President’s Vision 2020–2023 to harness technology to further improve football. The app will give players performance metrics and analysis, physical performance metrics, and enhanced football intelligence metrics such as line-breaking events, receiving locations and pressure being applied to the player in possession of the ball.

Accessibility is an important factor for any event and the World Cup is no different. In order to make the FIFA World Cup in Qatar more inclusive and accessible, the event’s organisers have employed Bonocle and Feelix for visually impaired football fans.

Bonocle, the world’s first Braille entertainment platform with all the assistive technology for the visually impaired to access digital content. It has transcoding functionalities to support individuals with visual impairments so that they can enjoy and experience World Cup 2022 events just like everyone else. Another technology named Feelix Palm will be used in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Using electric impulses, this technology works through tactile palm communicators to transmit braille-like messages to the visually impaired without restricting their physical movement or hearing.

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