How to transform yourself to be an Entrepreneur

1. Prepare yourself, acquire a skill you love

2. Innovate, Believe in your Idea

3. Be Bold, Think Big

  • Spend enough time and perform detailed study.
  • Recognize the consumer needs and / or company’s need(s).
  • Reach out / build relationships
  • Propose how you can fill that need. It should be aligned, specific, and helpful.
  • Negotiate the terms. Make sure it works for both you and them.
  • Sign the contracts.

4. Build your connections (Network, Network)

5. Keep selling consistently

6. Plan & scale



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Murukesh Jayaraj

Murukesh Jayaraj


I am a techno-functional personality with well-honed skills in Business Analysis, Architecture, RPA, Team Leadership, Design Thinking & Application Development.