Who will take the lead in Metaverse?

The metaverse is one of the most controversial things in Tech recently. While many tech giants and startups compete to capture the market & stake their claim at the top, let me talk about Microsoft’s approach to the metaverse here today.

I see that Microsoft has a much more grounded and realistic vision. Although Meta currently leads in the provision of virtual reality (VR) devices (Oculus), Microsoft is adapting technologies that are more widely used at present. We could see small, steady steps by Microsoft — that will position itself to be one of the future leaders in the metaverse worlds. However, such a position comes with responsibilities, and looks like Microsoft is well prepared to face them. Many people think that Microsoft seems to have understood better than Meta how people actually use technology.

Both Microsoft and Meta have been investing in virtual and augmented reality for a long time which includes Oculus and Horizon Worlds by Meta, while MESH and HoloLens are from Microsoft’s stable.


Here below are the top 10 advantages I think that Microsoft shall lead the Metaverse.

1. Microsoft already creates Mixed Reality and Extended reality applications using holographic 3D models for years.

2. Creates MESH — that enables people to connect with a holographic presence, share across space, and collaborate. All you need to use MESH is your current smartphone or laptop. You can get started with MESH preview here.

3. Microsoft takes an approach of leveraging existing / available capabilities and enterprise applications. Easily captures a large user base. E.g., MESH Integration with Microsoft Teams. Mesh for Teams is currently available in limited free preview.

4. Microsoft is already in virtual and augmented hardware business. It makes the HOLO lens a leading AR headset. It could easily acquire any other hardware company and almost instantly have the hardware to compete with Meta.

5. Xbox gaming console a big plus — Microsoft Xbox is a market leader and has a huge market share. Now that Microsoft has recently launched the Xbox Museum — that’ stores and shares tons of memories around Microsoft’s Xbox gaming platform. Xbox owners can now wander a virtual space that displays a museum of highlights — an Xbox metaverse. Minecraft a kid-friendly video game, owned by Microsoft already has its own virtual universe.

6. Meta has the issue of privacy — from its Facebook days. Whereas Microsoft is a market leader in data privacy according to global data’s social media thematic scorecard.

7. Microsoft has geared its VR and AR strategy to business use cases like engineering and construction with a higher price point to make high value use cases for immersive technologies that are already helping build out the high end of the industry.

8. Microsoft also announced the launch of Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces. Currently in preview, “this product provides a new perspective on the way people move and interact with nearly any space, from the retail store to the factory floor.

9. Microsoft’s venture arm M12 invests 27 million dollars on an NFT studio called Palm. Palm works with companies & brands to help them create NFT projects using Ethereum on the back end. It’s exactly the type of blockchain service that Microsoft and its M12 venture fund see potential in on an enterprise level. Also, Microsoft backs Ethereum blockchain by providing Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (EBaaS) on its Azure cloud platform.

10. Palm has already collaborated with some big names in the industry including the space jam 2 NFT collection and an NFT project with DC comics for its DC fandom 2021 event.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft navigates these new spaces of the metaverse and NFTs and we can’t wait to see how it turns out in near future.

Now, what do you think? Will Microsoft take lead in the Metaverse? Please do leave your comments below.

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- Murukesh Jayaraj

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I am a techno-functional personality with well-honed skills in Business Analysis, Architecture, RPA, Team Leadership, Design Thinking & Application Development.

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Murukesh Jayaraj

I am a techno-functional personality with well-honed skills in Business Analysis, Architecture, RPA, Team Leadership, Design Thinking & Application Development.